Business Continuity / Organisational Resilience

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a process that helps manage risks to the smooth running of an organisation or delivery of a service, ensuring continuity of critical functions in the event of a disruption, and effective recovery afterwards. This discipline applies equally to Private Sector Organisations and Government Ministries and Agencies. Many Government, NGO and not for profit organisations do not associate themselves with “Business” and may think BCM does not apply to their organisation. These organisations may find the term ‘organisational resilience” more appropriate to describe the challenges they face.

However, regardless of whether you are trying to improve “Business Continuity” or “Organisational Resilience”, the objective is the same; to help organisations identify their key products and services and the threats to these, and the ways in which disruption and losses can be minimised.

Resolve-Network associates have experience supporting private companies, government and third sector organisations, helping them to identify key products, functions or services and any potential risks to them. We them work with clients to putting in place systems and processes to manage identified risks and minimise the impact of any disruption that may occur.

We have particular experience working both within and across Government Ministries and Agencies whose key responsibility is to protect and serve the public. To fulfil this responsibility, Ministries and Agencies must themselves be internally resilient and able to cope with any major disruptions to their work.

The potential range and scale of disruptive challenge facing Private Sector, Government and NGO Agencies is increasing. This disruption can be caused by major disasters impacting the communities at large, such as a pandemic, flooding or a Cyclone, or result from internal issues that go unnoticed by the general public but could significantly impact an organisation, for example, cyber attack or failure of key IT infrastructure.

Whether it’s a major natural disaster or more routine internal system failure, organisations are expected to have made all reasonable preparations to ensure that disruption is minimised. Resolve-Network associates work with clients to address these issues and to build up their own internal capabilities and capacity to reduce risk and ensure continuity of service.

Risk Reduction

Train Derailing Disaster

We are experts in identifying the hazards and building resilience by reducing vulnerabilities.

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Digital Marketing

We can help you plan and implemenet data driven digital marketing campaigns to create, satisfy and retain customers.

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Our Network

Our network consists of the highest quality professionals with extensive “real world” experience at a senior level in their respective fields.

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Business Continuity

Risk Dice

We can help you manage risks to ensure the smooth running of an organisation in the event of a disruption.

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Resolve Training

Training and Skills Transfer

Our consultants have expertise in design, delivery and management of training and development.

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