About Resolve Network

Resolve Network was established in 2009 to provide specialist consultancy support for International Agencies, Government Ministries and Private Sector Organisations. The Company’s initial focus was on disaster and risk management, primarily working on development projects for international agencies such as UNDP and World Bank, and in the provision of business risk reduction and training consultancy for large companies.

Each project we undertake has a bespoke team led by a Resolve Director supported by experts from our wide group of network associates, so clients only pay for the expertise they need when they need it. In addition to offering excellent value for money for our clients, our network approach allows us to call upon the highest quality professionals with extensive “real world” experience at a senior level in their respective fields, rather than more junior or inexperienced staff.

Our Risk Reduction Division includes specialists in Business Continuity, Natural Hazards, Early Warning and Emergency Preparedness and Response, with extensive experience gained in Africa, Asia and Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Increasingly, these projects have required the innovative use of ICT and data integration tools. There has also been a growing need to engage communities and a wider stakeholder group in education and risk reduction programmes, requiring design and development of both print and web-based products, use of social media and digital marketing campaigns. In responding to these demands, we expanded into web and digital marketing services with the recruitment of a Digital Marketing Director and associated subject matter specialists.

Our new Digital and Marketing Division now provides support for our international risk reduction work in addition to offering its own range of specialist services. In the UK, we have developed a range of digital services for SME’s, many of whom don’t have their own specialist in house marketing and digital staff.

Whether the project involves risk management, ICT / digital marketing or both, we can offer a cost effective and flexible solution tailored to your specific needs.

The Resolve Network team consists of;

  • Directors with extensive UK and international experience gained at an executive level.
  • Consultants and technical experts specialising in Digital Services, Marketing and Business Development.
  • International Disaster Risk Reduction and Management specialists, with public policy and field experience working across Asia, Africa, Commonwealth of Independent States, North America and the European Union.
  • Crisis managers, responders and security experts with real world crisis response and recovery experience.
  • Public Administration, Management, Business Continuity, and Internal Resilience Consultants
  • Academics specialising in risk, environmental science, and climate change, including flood risk modelling, coastal adaptation, and engineering
  • Consultants specialising in extreme weather warning and public information systems, community engagement, public safety, and education.

Risk Reduction

Train Derailing Disaster

We are experts in identifying the hazards and building resilience by reducing vulnerabilities.

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Digital Marketing

We can help you plan and implemenet data driven digital marketing campaigns to create, satisfy and retain customers.

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Our Network

Our network consists of the highest quality professionals with extensive “real world” experience at a senior level in their respective fields.

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Business Continuity

Risk Dice

We can help you manage risks to ensure the smooth running of an organisation in the event of a disruption.

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Resolve Training

Training and Skills Transfer

Our consultants have expertise in design, delivery and management of training and development.

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